2211 W 2nd Street, Taylor, TX 76574


Business History

From Humble Origins
Taylor Meat Company started as a small Texas butcher shop in downtown Taylor. Texans consider barbecuing a national Texas rite that is meant to be slow smoked (the longer the better) and enjoyed with the company of your friends and neighbors. Because of the butcher shop, we always had a supply of the best cuts of meats that Texas could supply.

When we were not fishing, hunting, or working at the butcher shop, we were probably barbecuing. We would smoke our briskets, baby back ribs, and fresh sausages until we thought they were ready and then enjoy them with all our friends. Neighbors would ask if they could buy some of those smoked meats, and our company was born.

Dedicated to the Community
Taylor is a beautiful community located just 30 minutes away from the Austin city limits. In the springtime, there are bluebonnet flowers, Indian paintbrushes, and other Texas wildflowers as far as the eye can see. In 1947, the estimated population of Taylor was 1,300 people, and our annual rodeo and fair was the event most people looked forward to all year long. Since then, we've gained a lot more friends and neighbors.

We are no longer in downtown Taylor but in a large processing facility on the edge of town. We needed the extra space to accommodate the smoker rooms. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful country, we're close to sparkling fishing lakes, where we take time to relax and reel in a catch or two when we're not processing the best Texas smoked meat products you've ever tasted.

As many things have changed since 1947 to today, a few things will not change. We still look forward to the annual rodeo and to barbequing with a friend or two.

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